Building With Wireless Security Cameras

Theft on construction sites has been gradually increasing with the rise in cost of raw materials. Construction burglars have become much more bold and sophisticated in recent years employing mission impossible style tactics. Copper has been especially targeted, and in some cases thieves have cut and yarded out copper plumbing pipes already installed in buildings and houses. Others drive around with large flatbed trucks capable of picking up whole pallets of material.

Loss of materials and equipment equates to much more than the value of goods. It may take time to get replacement on site and workers may not be able to perform their work. This can completely derail schedules and the overall performance of the company. On top of that business insurance rates may go up. If a project is not completed on schedule the company may have to pay hefty fines and lose valuable reputation. While there certainly is a cost to implementing security measures ensuring tools and materials are safe far outweigh them.

For a long time the only option available was to put up high fences and have security guards patrol worksites at night. This can help, but guards may not be able to keep an eye on the entire site, and the extra staff may cost several thousand dollars per day. Construction companies these days rely on state of the art security systems with wireless security cameras, motion sensors, digital video recorders and audio monitoring capabilities. Instead of having dozens of people roaming around in the dark or rain only a few security camera operators are needed to monitor the entire site comfortably from a portable security building. Of course the initial investment may be several thousand, but a system can always be redeployed on another site once construction is complete.

Construction sites are an ever changing landscape as work progresses. Running cable is labor intensive and impractical due to the rugged nature of construction. The use of wireless security cameras allows the system to be quickly reconfigured as security needs change. As building nears completion security measures can be scaled back thereby reducing costs.

Threats to a construction site come in many forms from theft to vandalism, or dishonest and disgruntled workers. Wireless security cameras are an essential for any medium to large size construction site. Simply having the system in place will be a deterrent and greatly increase the chance of apprehending those responsible for crimes that are committed.

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