Discovering the four lethal enemies of retail traders

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Forex traders face various problems in the market. Because of the uncertain nature of the market, traders face difficulties. By the way, as a retail trader, if you want to trade properly, you should know about the enemies of trading. Actually, the big enemy is the emotions of the traders. As human beings, they can’t avoid their emotions. But, it’s important to know how to deal with emotions so that they can earn money. Due to excessive emotions, traders fail to go on the right track.

However, in this post, we’ll discuss four major enemies which create problems during trading. So, being a trader, if you can get to know about them, you may also find out the solutions to defeat them. So, let’s discover these together.


Actually, the majority of the traders assume trading is gambling. And so, they invest their money without considering the situation. Sometimes, they take a high risk to make more money. But, in reality, if you can’t make your decision consciously, you might face problems. So, you should try to reduce your greed. By the way, always remember, trading is not gambling. In terms of trading, if you fail to invest your money in the right asset, ultimately, you’ll face problems. So, you have to go with your plan. Or else, you can’t increase your account balance.

However, it’s true, traders prefer trading because they want to make money. The Forex market also provides many opportunities to make money. But, if they take the decision out of greed, ultimately they will face problems. So, learn to reduce your greed. However, if you can keep the discipline, you may reduce your greed and take the decision practically. So, you should try to stick to your trading strategy. Think about the smart traders at Saxo broker Dubai. They never break their rules as they know they will often have to deal with the losing trades.


You should reduce your fear to trade systematically. Being a trader, if you want to make money, you need to understand, you have to trade courageously. Or else, you can’t fulfill the challenges. Actually, as a newbie, it’s common to feel fear. Because everything is unknown to you. But, if you want to make money, you have to reduce your fear. For this, you should try to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. If you start trading without gaining knowledge, it might tough for you to make a wise decision. Being a trader, you should keep your eyes on improving the necessary skills to increase your confidence. Or else, it might difficult for you to stay in the real field for a long time.


Overconfidence forces the traders to take the wrong decision. Because of this, they can’t decide what they need to do for getting the money. They start to think, they can do anything and everything. However, actually, in terms of trading, being a retail trader, you can’t predict what will happen after some time. Because the market can behave aggressively. That’s why you should reduce your overconfidence. Always try to explore something new so that you don’t face any big troubles in the market.


If you become depressed, it might difficult for you to trade. Sometimes, after facing several losing streaks, traders lose their mental and physical energy. Actually, you need to believe, you’ll get the chance to make profits. But, you just need to work hard. However, if you lose hope, it’s really tough for you to go ahead. However, to reduce depression, you need to do some activities which might provide you happiness. Besides this, it’s also necessary to take a good nap.

 By the way, without enjoying the trading, it’s not possible to get success. So, being a trader, you should try to reduce these sentimental issues to get good outcomes. Or else, you can’t make your dream come true.