Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market Beckons Investors With Bargain Deals

Everybody is aware of downturn and recession that has affected the whole world. Times are tough but savvy investors are always thinking of safeguarding and increasing the value their investments. Even now, many people are interested in investing Puerto Vallarta Real Estate but the current situation holds them back in putting their money. This is a common theme among the less informed section of investors. What has to be kept in perspective is that recession followed many years of unprecedented economic boom. And it is quite logical that economy will again recover and boom. The good news is that the damage has been contained and US economy is again picking up.

What this recession has done, is to make the real estate market even more competitive and lucrative.

Economic recession and over hype regarding the swine flu dealt a crippling blow to the economy and Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market. The town was deserted when news of swine flu spread. The subsequent panic did stem the flow of tourist and visitors. As if the sub prime crisis of America was not enough, the H1N1 flu made Mexico a place to be shunned. In defense of Mexico, it has to be said that the health scare was just that, a scare that was blown out of proportions. In a resurgent spirit so typical of Mexico, its government, industry and citizens rose to the occasion and are trying harder then ever to uplift the tourism and real estate sector once more.

The result has been that investor confidence has again risen. All market data has shown that prices are about 15-20% less than previous year. Rentals rates are at all time low, with fabulous discounts and offers. Tourists and buyers are trickling in again to their favorite city of Puerto Vallarta to take advantage of the fantastic weather and fabulous opportunities. The reduction in interest of buyers in Real Estate meant that developers had to be innovative. The prices are lot cheaper, more add-ons are been introduced. Since, economic downturn has reduced savings of retirees; the developers took mantle upon themselves to cater to people with lesser money to invest. Fractional ownership of condo has been introduced to lure smaller investors. Project developers are also developing less costly units which will provide same world class amenities, infrastructure and services. This coupled with Puerto Vallarta ‘s old world charm, makes investing in Puerto Vallarta real estate a smart choice.

Go ahead and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy your dream vacation homes in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta beckons you!

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