July 1, 2022


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5 Well-Known Billionaires Who Started with Nothing 

15 Billionaires Who Came From Nothing

Many of today’s well-known billionaires started as humble beginners. Let’s read about five of them and see where you can obtain reliable and cheap funding to start your own business and move it forward without major challenges. 

Billionaires Who Started With Nothing 

Here’s a list of today’s famous billionaires who once had nothing. 

  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computers. Steve Jobs was an American business magnate, industrial designer, media proprietor, and investor, who died in 2011. Jobs’ net worth was $10.2 billion when he died. 

Stephen Gary Wozniak (nickname “Woz”) is an American electronics engineer, computer programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur. Wozniak’s net worth is US $140 million, according to Forbes. 

  • Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, is an American business magnate and investor. Ellison is the co-founder, executive chairman, chief technology officer, and former chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation. His net worth is US $112 billion, according to Forbes.
  • Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and billionaire businessman. Lauren is famous for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. His net worth is US $7.1 billion, according to Forbes.
  • Jan Koum, a Ukrainian-American billionaire businessman and computer engineer, is the co-founder and former CEO of the mobile messaging app WhatsApp. Facebook acquired the company in 2014 for US$19.3 billion. Koum’s net worth is US $9.9 billion, according to Forbes.
  • Howard D. Schultz, an American businessman and author, is currently the chief executive officer of the Starbucks Coffee Company. His net worth is US $4.1 billion, according to Forbes.

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Famous Billionaires Who Started with Nothing 

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Author Bio: Michael Hollis is a Detroit native who has helped hundreds of business owners with their merchant cash advance solutions. He’s experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog training, accounting… But his favorite is the one he’s now doing — providing business funding for hard-working business owners across the country.