An Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Huge Promise – Driving Mass Traffic

Carlos and Lupe Garcia recently created a major buzz in the online marketing community by unveiling their highly innovative and successful new affiliate marketing strategy. As a means of driving targeted traffic to affiliate marketing offers, this unique new approach departs radically from all previous methods. It basically entails driving mass traffic to selected affiliate offers by placing massive numbers of ads on hundreds or thousands of precisely targeted websites through multiple online ad networks.

As simple as this may sound at first, it requires a high degree of specialized knowledge and skills in order to achieve success. Here’s a list of some of the essentials:

– Becoming an affiliate with multiple affiliate and CPA Networks and becoming familiar with the particular markets they serve

– Developing relationships with the managers in the CPA Networks

– Choosing top-performing products to promote

– Becoming a member of multiple ad networks

– Creating effective ads to run in these networks

– Testing these ads through “proof campaigns” and then optimizing the ones that are most effective

– Negotiating large media buys and placing insertion orders with large ad networks

The Garcias and a handful of other marketers have demonstrated that the skillful application of this mass traffic approach can lead to financial success that greatly exceeds that of all other online marketing methods; it’s important to understand, however, that it is also fraught with many potential pitfalls that can lead to financial disaster for those who have not mastered the requisite skills and knowledge base.

Not surprisingly, the Garcias were the first to offer systematic training in driving mass traffic through their Traffic Tactics coaching program, at a cost of $25,000 per member.

Another online marketer, Michael Jones, has also reported a high level of financial success using a similar mass traffic affiliate marketing strategy. On 10/23/07, he launched his “Assaulting The Web” mass traffic coaching program and sold out the 200 positions that he had allocated within a 48-hour period. He also reported that around 4,000 others had been placed on a waiting list.

Perhaps the most refined training program to date in driving mass traffic is one that has been introduced recently by Rick Jorgenson, CEO of Tycoon Wealth System, who has over ten years of experience in driving mass traffic for large corporations.

Called “Mass Traffic Formula,” this program also entails intensive training, including an initial two-day residential workshop. As a further means of ensuring success, it also includes an intensive coaching program extended over a period of several months. Moreover, it provides multiple pre-proven affiliate marketing campaigns that trainees can plug into simply by buying shares in an advertising pool; and–perhaps most important of all–it includes an agency of professional media buyers who handle the highly complex process of buying media and placing ad insertion orders with large ad networks.

There is increasing evidence, then, that driving mass traffic is an up and coming affiliate marketing strategy–one that is likely to gain increasing prominence in the near future and that may well revolutionize the entire industry.

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