Banner Exchange – The Free Promotions

Let us begin with website links. In a typical website link sharing program, a website owner or the one promoting the site joins a group of people or a network who have similar projects. Called as ring, the network allows the participants to exchange website links and thus help in promoting the sites. The websites or projects in any ring are more or less similar or have relevant resources.

Banner exchange programs work on these lines only. An owner registers in a group and then receives the banners from the group members. In return the participant’s own website banner gets displayed by others and hence the traffic coming to different sites navigate and reach the others in the group.

How does it work? It is very simple and needs little attention. When you enter or say register for a banner exchange program you are given a code (HTML code) that you have to insert in your site. The code is read by the webmasters and banners are delivered.

Different networks offer different exchange rates, for example 2:1 or 1:1. The exchange rate determines how many banners you have to put on your site in order to get your banner posted in some other website. For 2:1 rate you have to display two banner ads to get your banner posted once in any network site.

Banner exchange [] is an important promotional tool as it brings the audience from different websites. However there are some limitations. One prominent limitation is the focused area of a network. You will find banner networks for say electronic products websites, for UK websites, for marketing website and the same. The networks reflect a particular kind of websites to be included only because the target audience is one focused group.

Before going for a banner program it is our suggestion that you study the individual websites in the network you are interested in. Check out the exchange rates, the banner sizes allowed and any other credits you will be provided.

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