Blog and Make Money – 3 Secrets You Must Know

Want to make money via your blog? You can, once you know three secrets to success. Let’s look at them in this article.

1. Focus and Keywords: Build Traffic Fast

Stop! Before you create your blog, do some planning. It’s very easy to create a blog — too easy. If you jump right in and create a blog before you have a clear direction, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

So, firstly, in one sentence, describe who your blog is for.

Bad: “My blog is for readers who want to be entertained.”

Good: “My blog is for hobbyist digital photography enthusiasts, who are newcomers to digital photography, and who want reviews of the latest cameras and equipment, plus how-to information.”

When you write a good description, you’re using keywords which your readers will use when they find your blog. Just in the description, you have keywords which include: digital photography, reviews, cameras, equipment and how-to.

This means that you have a wonderful foundation for your blog. Your readers will easily find you via your keywords, and your traffic will build fast.

2. Market Your Blog: Get Traffic and Income

The next secret is: market your blog for more traffic and the start of a great income.

It’s true that if you’re very keen and very focused on building a great blog, that your primary marketing tool is the blog itself. I’ve created blogs for which I’ve done zero marketing, because I have too many other blogs. As I added content to the blogs I didn’t market, their traffic grew organically, simply because of the RSS feeds, and the content added daily.

However, relying on organic traffic is a slow way to build traffic. If you want traffic and income fast, you’ll need to do some marketing. You can do this in many ways, depending on how much money you want to spend on your blog — you can advertise both online and offline.

3. Your Blog is a Snowball: Watch It Grow

Here’s the final secret: your blog will grow, as you keep adding content, and as you market your blog. Accept the fact that your blog will take time to hit the heights. Be patient.

I’ve watched some blogging newbies destroy blogs with fantastic potential. They blog along for months, then suddenly there’s a post which says: “I’m selling the blog because I no longer have time…” or “This is my final post…”

These newbies were weeks away from a blog which was a gold mine — and they quit. Go figure. Please be patient.

You can make great money from any blog — these three secrets will help.

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