Content Syndication and Video Marketing: Easily Build Influence, Traffic and Sales

Although there are many ways to both start a business and then market it online, some techniques just work better than others. Although there are a few marketers who make millions of dollars online, the vast majority of affiliate marketers won’t make anything. That’s because there is so much competition, and most affiliates simply don’t know how to create offers that are unique.

The key here is to create your own products. Create your own products, and you automatically have a unique offer to sell. That’s not what this course is about though. It’s about something far more important than your own products. It is about creating influence.

The Hacker’s Guide to Content Syndication by internet marketing expert Glen Hopkins is designed to teach you how to build influence in your business. When you have influence, it gives you credibility. Credibility allows you to connect with your customers and bring them to you.

Pull marketing is far more effective than push marketing because those who want what you have to sell will come to you. What is key here is understanding that they will only know what you have to sell if you market. This is what The Hacker’s Guide to Content Syndication will do for you: help you build influence and market your business too using one of the most effective internet marketing techniques today: video marketing.

The first thing that makes this a really good course is that it is another offering by Glen Hopkins. Glen doesn’t seek to invent the wheel although I have known him to seize on opportunities, and I consider him to be one of my favorite thought leaders. Every offering he creates is meant to provide value to his customers, JV partners and readers, and he really excels at it.

The course itself is a four part videos series. Glen doesn’t stop there though because he also offers an additional bonus webinar to teach you how to start a six figure business. There’s no hype here either. Glen cuts to the chase about what works, what has always worked and what will always work when running a business online.

He doesn’t hide how he does things either. He shows you the right tools to get the job done because he understands that providing value to your customers and offering them the right solutions to solve their business problems is more important than making the sale. This is one of the reasons I believe he is so successful too: he focuses on creating relationships with his customers, JV partners and readers.

The course provides a checklist with all the steps you need to take to make your marketing campaigns succeed. You will want to print this out and keep it by your computer when you are implementing this method because it will keep you on track.

Finally, this package is about teaching you how to implement one of the most effective internet marketing strategies today, a strategy that is free: video marketing. The instruction here is clear and concise and will teach you everything you need to know to create videos that get clicks and ultimately sales.

I evaluate a lot of products, and honestly most of them are junk. Glen’s offerings are different, and it is one of the reasons I have been a customer and JV partner of his for years. He knows how to turn out quality content, and there are few on the internet today who do it better than he does.

I highly recommend this offering. It cuts to the chase of what works in video marketing, it is simple enough for beginners and comprehensive enough for experienced marketers. It’s another example of a quality product from Glen. If you are looking to get into video marketing to drive traffic to your business, then start here.

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