July 1, 2022


Good Business

Cutting Ribbon: 7 Title hosts Morristown Chamber for ribbon cutting | Local News

A new title company has entered the Morristown market.

7 Title has opened at the ORNL Federal Credit Union location at 1728 West Andrew Johnson Highway. The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce came to 7 Title for a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning.

“I’ve had fun doing these wonderful, wonderful openings,” Chamber Board President Dr. Tony Miksa said. “It’s a great year to do openings in Morristown. After the pandemic, it seems like everything is opening up right now. I feel like I’ve been really busy, so it’s really awesome.”

Miksa went on to say that it is “awesome” when another title company opens.

“For me, at least, title companies means people are buying houses and things are growing,” he said. “This means that Morristown is growing.”

Not only does 7 Title close on houses, but they close on businesses, too.

Morristown native Chris Boler is president of 7, LLC, the holding company that owns 7 Title.

“We are super excited to be in Morristown,” Boler said. “I grew up in Morristown, going to Morristown West, then Carson-Newman. We couldn’t be prouder to be in Morristown. This town is booming. Thanks to the work of the Chamber, they are doing incredible work. The industry that’s coming into this community is bringing with them people, jobs and rooftops. That’s what things like this happen.”

Boler said that 7 Title is here to serve the community.

Chris Outland is president of 7 Title.

“I’m so excited about how this community has already greeted us,” Outland said. “We’ve been open a couple of months and look at the perfect example right before us.”

Tina Clevenger is the manager for 7 Title in Morristown. The staff includes Susan Carson and Ceniya Hogue Okoye.

“This is our team, we’re small but mighty,” Clevenger said. “We do real estate, commercial and residential, whether it be land or construction, whatever you may have a need for, and we are well-equipped to take care of that for you.”

Clevenger said that 7 Title has the most up-to-date technology system that’s available in the industry.

“By having that, it makes a huge difference in turnaround times, what we’re able to accomplish with less errors and mistakes and more communications with your customer, realtor or whoever may be involved. That’s the one thing I’m the most excited about,” Clevenger said. “The support is tremendous and we really appreciate it.”

“I was raised here for the majority of my life,” Clevenger said. “I’ve been in the title business about 24 years. We need a little more prayer for you, for all of the stress involved on both sides of the transaction.

“We have a great staff,” Outland said.

Lynn Holt oversaw renovations for the new location.

There were two drawings for two gift cards, a $50 card for neighbor In-and-Out Pizza and a $50 Red Bud Deli gift card. Jacked-Up Bagels food truck also provided refreshments after the ribbon cutting.

Business hours for 7 Title are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 423-374-6790.