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Online advertising! Complex or simple?

The content I am sharing with you is not normally free but after my research and trial I have developed it into my own articles of which is free to you all. Enjoy.

The Internet can be a very daunting place to somebody looking to advertise. It is growing at phenomenal rate with tens of thousands of pages being added daily. Now you can see why this can be daunting. How do you get your share of the traffic? your site, page, or product will be lost for sure.

Not so fast. Advertising online can be really simple if you keep it simple. Don’t race ahead of yourself. One step at a time and master each stage.

What I am about to share with you, you may already now, but have you perfected it yet? If you don’t now this method then that’s fantastic, you are off to a great start.

How to generate traffic for affiliate marketing for free. In fact this method can be used to advertise pages, websites, links, a business, product’s. You name it! Generating traffic is all that is needed with most of today’s online affiliate programs. I am an affiliate marketer and I found this method is growing my business! It’s effective, easy, and free. All it will cost you is your time.

I am talking of creating a pool of information which links to your product. The pool consists of a Squidoo Lens, a blog, Social websites and articles. All of these are free to register and simple to use. A big bonus with using this pool technique is that the articles, blog and lens keep each other fresh increasing page rankings within the search engines.

To start with register at and create your lens. Just before you create it you should have already looked at your title being keyword rich. Take it even further and research long tail keyword, you may have a niche within your product. Example:

My product is a tube of aloe vera skin cream. You could call your lens:


Or you could look at hitting the niche market with:


That was pure example but it gets you thinking doesn’t it. The latter was what they call the long tail keyword.

So now you have your title and your lens is ready to go. Build your lens with content keyword rich. Make links available to your product from the content text modules. Break your content up into like chapters and spread it over 5 or more text modules. You will only really be needing the text modules and an rss feed so you can dump the likes of Amazon, eBay, YouTube (unless you have a clip on your product!) modules.

Make sure you use the health check feature to build your lens to its maximum potential. This will gain search engine rankings and expose your lens to other lens users.

So far your doing great. Don’t stress yourself with this as you will need to tweak it over time so get the nuts and bolts of it done and move on to creating a blog. You will also create a link from the lens to your blog! Keep the blog simple with one text module (post) and a pick of yourself. Keep it honest and genuine.

Again the content is keyword rich telling of your product. You can also rss feed the blog to your lens this is why I said to keep the rss feed module earlier.

So far you have a lens and a blog. Both link to your product but only the lens links to your blog! are you with me so far? These will need to be tweaked and altered over time. Try to update them every couple or three days. After you update them use to submit them.

Fantastic! now we move on to writing articles.

There are plenty of article websites out there. If I was you I would find about ten to start with, including EzineArticles and goarticles as your main ones.

Learn to write content by the rules of the article sites. EzineArticles is fantastic for this as they will guide you on how to get your article accepted if declined.

My first few articles were sent back a fair few times to start with.

Articles again should focus the title as keywords. This will ensure it is picked up by the target audience you are after. Again try long tail keywords also. If you can try to submit an article or two a day. A bit much to start with I know, but as you get use to doing these you will be able to clear that easy. Every article should link to your lens. You could look at your lens like the capture page and the articles are catching the traffic to send to it. These links are inbound links also called backlinks. Once traffic starts using these links and you are getting hits to your page it will also give it better ranking in the search engines.

So you see, this pool is fantastic and can become viral. You have constant articles bringing in the traffic, the lens converts this traffic to customers. If you follow this through and continue to add articles and you continue to update and tweak the blog and lens, and you also pingoat every time you edit, you will build a fantastic flow of traffic.

Share the links to the articles, blog and lens with all the social sites you can think of. Become a member of new ones and make yourself none.

At all costs avoid spamming! This is not the way to go. Anybody who makes money on spamming soon discover that it is short lived.

The information here works. Go and try it for yourself.

If you need further help or more detailed instructions please contact me through my blog!

Congratulations in advance and happy marketing!

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