Increasing Web Traffic With Original Articles

The name of the game as far as Internet marketing is concerned is original content. If you are serious about promoting your website, increasing traffic and improving your search engine page ranking then your website must have original articles with relevant content.

Original articles can be beneficial to your web site in two major ways.

1. Keywords. Search engines can only see text. Therefore it is vital that the pages of your website have a lot of text which include keywords associated with your target market or product. As you are probably aware, you cannot simply add keywords in a meaningless format all over your web pages. This will turn customers away as fast as they can click and it is also considered spamming by the search engines and can get your site kicked off the search engines. Articles about subjects relating to your target market are the best way to provide keywords in a relevant meaningful context to your site.

2. Secondly, articles are beneficial to your site because they give customers a reason to return to your site. Getting visitors to return to your site is so much easier than finding new ones. If you web site provides regularly updated unique useful information your Internet visitors are more likely to return on a regular basis.

Uses of Articles

There are a number of ways you can use articles to increase traffic to your web site.

The first thing you should do is set up a blog to be attached to your web site. Your articles can then be posted to your blog and by submitting your blog to the blog search engines and directories you will be marketing your site and creating links throughout the World Wide Web.

In addition to submitting your articles to blogs you can have a section of your website called “articles.” An article can have an entire page dedicated to it targeted to a specific keyword. It is important that you do not use the exact same articles, which you are also submitting to your blog. You can re-word the articles though and then use them. Search engines will know it if you are using the same material in different areas of your web site and this is not an accepted practice.

Finally, a third way you can use articles to promote your web site is to submit articles for press release. Check out This is a great site for submitting our press release and it is free.

Original web content in the form of articles will go a long way in promoting your web site for increased traffic and visibility. The key is to regularly update your articles with new and fresh content, which your target market will find interesting. You can write your articles yourself or there are a number of services online, which write original web content for good prices.

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