Offline Marketing For Your Small Business – How To Attract More Clients Using Offline Startegies

Marketing and promoting your online business can also be done offline. In fact, by increasing your marketing efforts to include both online and off, you will see a significant increase in your business in just a short amount of time. Here are some ways that you can promote your business in person, over the phone, and my mail.

  • Design a one page poster with some tips and your contact information. You can then print it out and laminate it. Use colored paper or paper with a background if you wish. Give this poster out to people when you meet them in person. People will keep these min-posters forever and your contact information will always be readily accessible to them.
  • Give a short speech or presentation to a group. There are civic organizations, such as the Rotary Club, that are always looking for speakers. You can also speak to chambers of commerce in your city or in neighboring cities. Keep your topic short and to the point so that your audience will know what you want them to do when you are finished. You may want to direct them to a website to sign up for more information or to call you to discuss how your business can help them.
  • Make sure your business card is printed on both sides. You can make an offer or direct people to a website or blog to sign up for a free teleseminar or free special report so that you can stay in touch with them.
  • Prepare a recording and burn it to CD. This can be a sample of what you do or a special recording to introduce yourself to new clients and prospects. People will listen to your CD in their car and some will call you to learn more about what you do.
  • Mail postcards to people who have shown interest in what you do. This can get expensive so make sure you are mailing to people who are more likely to want to do business with you. There are several methods for determining this.
  • Hold a teleseminar. This is the very best way to build your business. My entire business changed and began to grow rapidly when I started holding weekly teleseminars. I encourage you to learn how to give teleseminars from someone who is an expert in this field.

These are some strategies for attracting business to you using offline methods. These will work for you if you take the time to implement these ideas for your business.

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