Paydotcom Tips and Tutorial For Beginners

Thinking about using Paydotcom? Great choice. If you want to sell eBooks, whether as an affiliate or vendor, Paydotcom should be your number one choice. These are advantages of Paydotcom over Clickbank

  1. No commission theft problem. Every Paydotcom affiliates must enter their PayPal account upon registration. Should an affiliate attempt to buy from his affiliate link, the system will automatically deduct the commission, making vendor get 100% profit.
  2. No waiting for payment. All payments are paid via PayPal account. A hassle-free way to receive payment, for non-US affiliates.
  3. Zero startup cost for vendor. This is another reason why Paydotcom is a risk-free way to handle payments and affiliates. Unlike Clickbank and 2Checkout where the vendor need to pay $49.00 for start, this fee is not required for Paydotcom.

Tips to use and promote Paydotcom products.

  1. Register for both PayPal and Paydotcom account. Unlike Clickbank where you just need an email address, Paydotcom requires you to have a PayPal account. Please register and verified your PayPal account as soon as possible. You don’t want PayPal to limited the access to your own account.
  2. Research for markets with high demand. Without proper research, all your effort soon will be wasted. There are many ways to perform market research. However, I strongly recommend that you check Clickbank marketplace first for start. Both Clickbank and Paydotcom are similar. Whatever sells at Clickbank, with gravity score 1 or higher, would definitely a great market for Paydotcom products. After you found a product with high gravity at Clickbank, check Paydotcom marketplace for products in similar topics.
  3. Find the relevant keywords to the market using Google Keyword Tool. You won’t be able to market online without this tool. Google Keyword Tool is still the best in my opinion, not only because it has the largest keyword database, but also because it is free. Remember, target only for long-tail search terms, regardless your traffic strategy is pay-per-click, search engine optimization, article marketing or video marketing.
  4. Start by posting articles first. Article marketing is great source of traffic. Not only because it is free, but also because it’s fast. Unlike SEO or blogging where you need to wait for months, in some case, years to see result. There are tonnes of article directories online, but for start I highly recommend either Ezine Articles or HubPages. These two are top article directories, with higher page rank and good reputation on Google’s eye.
  5. Send traffic using Google AdWords. To succeed online, you need both free and paid traffic. Why? Well, because each traffic strategies has its limitation. If you are using free marketing like article or SEO, there’s no guarantee your article will remain on the first page of Google search result. By using AdWords, at least you can overcome this problem.
  6. Start your own blog. Forget creating a website. A blog is a better alternative to websites, not only because it can be setup and run in minutes but also because Google loves blogs. Search engines loves blog because the script is search engine friendly and most blogs are always up-to-date, with fresh content. Plus, readers can post comments, share their thoughts which would create better, quality content. If you are on low budget, you can create a free blog at Blogger. However, I strongly encourage you to register your own domain and host your blog. Create a WordPress blog. Not only because WordPress blogs are beautiful, but also it has several interactive features like widgets, SEO and spam filter.
  7. Browse for related forum. Forum marketing is actually an advanced traffic strategy. It is not a necessity. However, if you love to chat with a group with similar interest as yours, why not try forum marketing? Make sure you read the forum rules. Some forum allows signature, some don’t.
  8. Grow your mailing list. If you don’t have a mailing list, you don’t own your business. On the internet, if you don’t have a mailing list, you will always depend on Google for traffic and customers. Should Google dropped your website ranking from the first page, all your traffic and customers will be gone overnight. By having email list, you will always have a potential buyers for lifetime.

Some advice and warning

  1. Apply for PayPal debit card if possible. Using PayPal as payment methods could be both good and bad thing. The bad part is, for certain reasons, PayPal might limited access to your account sometimes. Try avoiding this limitation, if you can. One way is by applying for PayPal debit card.
  2. Don’t pick too many traffic strategies at once. For the first six months, focus on search engine traffic only, whether free or paid. It will take some time learn and see consistent income from one traffic source.
  3. Don’t jump into over populated markets like internet marketing, search engine optimization, AdSense and make money online. There are lots more less competitive niches out there like pet niches and gardening with lots of traffic and money to be made. So why jump into crowded niches?
  4. Learn, learn and keep learning. Internet marketing, is not a simple game. It’s just like your day job or retail business. It takes years of time to learn and be a good doctor, engineer, teacher, researcher or whatever your day job is. The same goes for online business. The more you learn, the more experience you had, the more money you’ll make.

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