What are the Types of Email Hosting Services?

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Email Hosting is a service that securely stores and manages your email on a server. It ensures that your emails are stored safely and securely. You can rent servers, similar to a hosting plan, or purchase servers and host your emails from there.

The best Email Hosting services offer a professional email address with ample storage space, protection against spam, and additional useful features.

It’s important to note that the server hosting your emails and the client you use to send and receive emails are two separate entities. For instance, if you buy a premium Email Hosting plan from a company called X, they will host your emails on a server. 

However, you can use any email client you prefer. This means you can send and receive emails using a client such as Gmail or Outlook from company X’s server.

4 Types of Email Hosting Services 

  1. POP3 Email Hosting

POP3, or Post Office Protocol 3, is one of the most widely used Email Hosting services. This type of server downloads emails from the mail server and stores them on the user’s device. This allows for the ability to read emails offline. 

However, it’s not possible to access the email from multiple devices. For example, an email downloaded on the phone won’t be visible on a laptop.

POP servers provide quick and convenient access to email messages. Files are stored on the user’s device, allowing them to be read at any time without using the webmail interface.

  1. IMAP Email Hosting

IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, is a hosting service that lets you store your messages on a server and access them from any device. This is especially useful for people who use multiple devices to access their emails. 

With IMAP hosting, your emails are stored on the server, and you can view, delete, and organize them before downloading them onto your device. Unlike POP3, your emails remain on the server until you delete them.

  1. ISP Hosting

ISP hosting is an Email Hosting service that allows you to host your email server. This service is offered by Internet Service Providers, who also provide internet connectivity for personal email communication.

This type of hosting is best for businesses that require more control over their email communication and have the knowledge and experience to manage an email server.

  1. Cloud Email Hosting

Cloud Email Hosting in NZ services is a secure and affordable email platform that is particularly advantageous for small businesses with limited budgets. Top Email Hosting providers offer these services with benefits such as boosted efficiency and reduced costs. 

However, if you prefer a more traditional email service that stores your messages, there may be better options than Cloud Email Hosting. 

Before signing up with an email host, ensure the loud Email Hosting service has all the necessary features and services. Examples of Cloud Email Hosting services include Microsoft Exchange Emails, G Suite by Gmail, etc. 

The Bottom Line

Different service providers offer various technologies and services that cater to their targeted audience. For example, some providers focus more on security, while others prioritize email management and filtering.

A range of Email Hosting services is available, each with unique features and benefits tailored to different needs. Therefore, it’s necessary to discover the type of service and provider that suits your requirements and budget to find the best business Email Hosting plan. 

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