What are the types of refrigeration systems?

Cooling and freezing devices are one of the most important pieces of equipment in professional catering facilities. This type of equipment has a direct impact on food safety. By storing products at low temperatures, you can keep them fresh until they are sold or eaten. Therefore, the purchase of the appropriate devices has a very large impact on the plant’s efficiency. Find out what types of refrigeration systems are available and check which model will work in your company.

Various devices for cooling and freezing

Cooling and freezing are the processes which the food industry relies on. The most famous refrigeration device is, of course, the simplest refrigerator that is in every home. However, it is not used so often in professional dining establishments. Small capacity and relatively poor temperature maintenance are factors that make food industry plants choose alternative equipment.

Cooling and freezing machines, which are recommended for industrial refrigeration, are tunnel freezers, cooling rooms and boxes. Compared to classic refrigerators, they have a completely different design. Because of advanced systems, they enable much faster cooling. They can be opened more often as they retain the temperature exceptionally well. Other devices that may be equally useful in dining establishments include salad tables, confectionery displays, as well as entire refrigerated rooms and containers.

Devices designed for continuous operation

Food products should be stored at appropriate temperatures. The degree of cooling will therefore always depend on the type of food. Meat, cold cuts, fats, eggs, and fruit will retain their best quality in an environment around three degrees Celsius. On the other hand, processed meat and fish products need a slightly warmer environment. The temperature should be around 7 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the manufactured product, each food industry plant needs a different type of refrigeration equipment. To choose the right device, it is worth paying attention to the dimensions and functions of the machine. In BMG Trade’s offer you can find various freezing tunnels and other machines that will be perfect for both large and small eateries.

Why are cooling machines so important?

When the low temperature causes the water to freeze, all biological processes slow down. This process significantly extends the shelf life of various products. In the case of large-scale processing plants, the extension of expiration date is a key factor. Even lower temperatures cause that the growth of all microorganisms is completely inhibited. For this reason, freezing is the perfect way to store food for a long time.

How does the cooling equipment work?

Despite its widespread use, only few people know how refrigeration devices work. The temperature reduction itself takes place by expansion of the refrigerant. Each compressed gas takes a lot of heat from the environment during this process. This phenomenon can be observed, for example, when a deodorant sprays out of a bottle. However, in professional devices, the refrigerant works in a closed-circuit.